RPET (recycled polyethylene terephtalate) comes from plastic that has already been used for packaging, such as plastic bottles. These bottles are cleaned, shredded, melted and spun into thread to make clothing. Here is why RPET is a sustainable option and a step in the right direction:

  • It decreases the amount of waste entering landfill. 
  • It greatly decreases our resource extraction. 
  • Using recycled content uses 75% less energy than creating brand new products.
  • When consumer's purchase products made from recycled content it creates a message to companies that sustainability efforts are appreciated.
  • It creates a demand and this will solidify recycling programs. 

Here are some more interesting facts:

  • Cubic yards conserved in a landfill by recycling PET beverage bottles:
    4,800 recycled 16-ounce bottles saves a cubic yard
    4,050 recycled 20-ounce bottles saves a cubic yard
    3,240 recycled 1-liter bottles saves a cubic yard
    2,430 recycled 2-liter bottles saves a cubic yard
    1,350 recycled 3-liter bottles saves a cubic yard
  • Recycling a ton of PET containers saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • According to the EPA, recycling a pound of PET saves approximately 12,000 BTU's.
  • It is estimated that the average household generates 42 pounds of PET plastic bottles in the year.